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The Maintain Weight Meal Plan is the current meals that I have been using for the last 2 yrs to maintain the 60lb weight loss. Which is excellent for anyone who wants to maintain there weight loss as well.

The Maintain Weight Meal Plan is perfect for pregnant women, children, elderly primarily anyone who wants to eat healthier but is not looking to lose weight. Please keep in mind since you are on a meal plan and if your body is not used to eating healthy you may drop 5-7lbs.

The Maintain Weight Meal Plan is a 7 day plan full of versatlity. Its very easy to manage you can turn our 7 day meal plan into a 30 day plan. You can do this because of the many options of meals that we have incorporated in my meal plan.

Instead of making 1 portion for that particular meal you can make 3-5 days worth and when mutiplied thats 35 days full of healthy meals.

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